Now that you have read the other sections of this website and are ready to come at this as a sincere seeker of the truth, let’s look at a few specific questions that get asked a lot.  At this point you should understand that far more important than the specific details of any one question is the overall pattern of doing the things that lead us closer to the Savior. Then He will lead us to the best answers until all our questions are answered and all our doubts removed.  The details below are only important in as much as they may help a sincere seeker of truth understand that there are answers out there and that, far from hiding from our history, Mormons go out of our way to explore and understand our history.


The goal of this website is not to be an apologetics site or a replication of the many other great websites for specific questions. However, I do want to help point you to accurate information. So, below are links to articles from trusted sources. This should cover some of the most common questions asked.  If you have a different question or better link, just post it in the comments below, and I’ll add it to this page.


I’m going to lead with a link sent to me by an LDS friend who is also a full professor with a PhD in business.  On the Mormon Scholars website, hundreds of professors and doctors in a wide variety of fields post their testimonies regarding the Church and their studies.  Clearly, Mormonism is not just for the uneducated masses, as some may suppose, but also fits well with scientific thinking.


Mormon Scholars Testify

Mormonism 101

Church Finances

Plural Marriage   (or for purchase, the best paper I’ve read on the subject)

B.H. Roberts

Mark Hoffman

Kinderhook Plates  (for purchase) or here for free

DNA and The Book of Mormon

Cultural, Archeological, and Scientific Evidence for The Book of Mormon

Mountain Meadows Massacre

Are Mormons Christian?

Asked and Answered: A Response to Grant H. Palmer

Multiple accounts of First Vision      (or for an even better paper, for purchase)


Political Neutrality

Adam God

Blood Atonement