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  • Questioning Mormonism Doubts and questions

Why does this site exist?

In 1965, President Harold B. Lee said, “...you will see the time when you will have all the trouble, trial and persecution that you can stand, and plenty of opportunities to show that you are true to God and his work... The time will come when no man nor woman will be able to endure [...]

  • Questioning Mormonism Doubts and questions

Doubts and Questions about Mormonism

Questioning Mormonism. As a cloud computing architect, I am continually impressed by the power of the Internet.  Data that previously was hard to find is now literally at our fingertips and the explosion of social media gives us a chance to discuss, debate and consider many points of view. This presents exciting opportunities and challenges [...]

  • Questioning Mormonism Doubts

Doctrine, Testimony and Knowing

A casual study of websites and books that seek to discredit or expose The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shows that these polemics usually fall into one of two broad categories. The first is the outlandish claim, statements such as "Mormons have horns that come out in the moonlight," or "Mormon missionaries kidnap [...]

  • Questioning Mormonism history

But what about …… from Mormon history

Mormon history and the Internet While there is a lot of good information on the Internet concerning the Church, it tends to be consolidated in just a few websites (Mormon.org, LDS.org, JesusChrist.lds.org, etc.) By comparison, there are hundreds of websites re-circulating the same old negative information about the Church. A quick Google search turns up dozens of sites [...]

  • Questioning Mormonism Special Witness

Special Witnesses

What is a Witness?   Referring once again to Webster, a witness is defined as "one who can give a firsthand account of something seen, heard, or experienced." There are those today who know of the truth of the Church and the gospel it teaches for themselves by current and certain personal experiences. No matter [...]

  • Questioning Mormonism Does God Exisit

Does God exist?

As part of a discussion on doubts and questions, one often ends up wrestling with the idea of the existence of God.  In our modern, "scientific" world, it is very much in vogue to scorn those who believe in God as silly or weak minded.  The existence of God is not a trivial question, for if God does not [...]

  • Christ Teaching

Answers to specific questions

Now that you have read the other sections of this website and are ready to come at this as a sincere seeker of the truth, let's look at a few specific questions that get asked a lot.  At this point you should understand that far more important than the specific details of any one question [...]