Questioning Mormonism

This site is for faithful members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who have questions.  This is not for those who have already left the church, or for those who have already made up their minds and are seeking validation.  There are plenty of places you can go for that. There are those who look at the same data that I do and draw very different conclusions.  I can respect that, but this site is not for you.

The thoughts presented here are for those who have a desire to remain active in the church, but are questioning some point of Mormon doctrine, history or belief.

As a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, it is normal for you to have questions about your faith.  After all, even a cursory perusal of the scriptures shows a consistent pattern that when God wants to teach us something, he typically does it by first giving us questions. Some find this disconcerting, but we are command in the scriptures to ask questions.

Below is a short series of thoughts intended to help those members with questions find their own answers.  This is not an listing of popular questions and answers.  Other people do that far better than I can.  Instead, what I offer is a set of guideline pulled from scripture and conference talks that can be used by any honest seeker to find the answer they need.  Instead of focusing on one questions it is a more universal approach.

  • Christ Teaching

Answers to specific questions

Now that you have read the other sections of this website and are ready to come at this as a sincere seeker of the truth, let's look at a few specific questions that get asked [...]

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